Watering Tips For Winter: Irrigation Controllers

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As we move through the colder months of winter the amount of watering needed can be very low, and with winter rains it is best to change your automatic irrigation controller to suit these conditions. I would advise turning the controller dial from ON/AUTO/RUN to the OFF position. When watering is required simply turn the controller to the ON position, it is best to water during the morning. Once watering is complete, turn the controller back to the OFF position.

In spring when regular watering is necessary simply turn the controller back to AUTO/ON.

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the manual setting on your controller. In manual mode you have the option to run 1 station/area/zone or to run all programmed zones. When in manual mode it is a good idea to walk around and check that the irrigation is performing correctly.

If you don’t like the idea of turning the controller off, you can install a Hunter Soil-Clik which monitors the moister in the soil and communicates with your controller to tell it when to water your garden/lawn. This is also an excellent tool to help you save water and to avoid over watering in the wetter months. Soil-Clik cannot be installed on some controllers.

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