Aquamann Irrigation are agents for Rapid Plas tanks and many more. We provide tanks for both home and commercial applications. Our tanks come in a large selection of shapes, sizes and colours so that you can choose one specific to your needs and to blend in with other structures. We offer poly and galvanised steel tanks, as well as tanks for Basix requirements. For more information on local Basix requirements see

We can supply only or supply and install systems to suit individual requirements.

Aquamann Irrigation stock a wide range of water troughs for both domestic and commercial applications – from small pet troughs to large water points for stock. These are available in poly or concrete in a wide range of sizes and shapes as well as options for volume, valve type, inlet size, wall height and thickness.

We specialise in design and installation of farm systems utilising gravity or pressure pump supply.

Contact Aquamann Irrigation today for to help select the right tank or trough for your needs.